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We guarantee quality without sacrificing our promise of affordability.


We invite our sellers to hold the reins so they can maintain the ideal work/life balance for them.


We empower women to enjoy everything great fashion has to offer. We empower our sellers to transform their lives through business opportunities uniquely


We keep our word and deliver on our promises to promote the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


We invite our sellers to hold the reins so they can maintain the ideal work/life balance for them.


Because we believe that fun is a must for our customers and our sellers.

Our Mission

 Our mission is help women everywhere realize the desire to feel amazing by dressing amazing. 

What is Aceshin

Aceshin is an online women’s clothing brand that caters to every body type with styles that are both high-quality and affordable. Fueled by years of customer satisfaction and the popular awareness that we are a brand that is honest and reliable, Aceshin is dedicated to helping women everywhere enjoy access to the best styles while enabling new business opportunities for the brand’s community of sellers.

Our Story

Aceshin was developed after more than a decade of success on Amazon, where its founders managed over 10 different brands offering many of the platform’s best-selling styles. We’ve spent years listening to our customers’ feedback and their insight about quality and sizing—and implementing that knowledge in the new styles we create. We’re proud to have become a brand people know they can rely on. We enjoy full control over our supply chain through a dedicated factory and warehouses on both of the US coasts. This allows us to ensure that our styles are created at the highest quality, and to provide excellent service to customers in any area of the US.

Our Story

Aceshin is a direct sales clothing company that helps women create a home-based fashion business selling stylish essentials at affordable prices through live social media events or any type of online parties! Aceshin is a contemporary fashion company, dedicated to empowering women.

The company founded in 2008 and sold multiple fashion brands on Amazon platform. We had quality women clothes on and they got great reviews. Having contributed to various E-commerce businesses, Aceshin was familiar with the entrepreneurial lifestyle and wanted to share it with other women In 2017, the brand Aceshin launched to carve out a small niche-----stay at home mom. Aceshin allows people who want to get started in the fashion business to become “stylists of Aceshin” and thus become independent agents for the brand. 

Why we create Aceshin

We created Aceshin so women can make their own choices, run their own business, and have what matters most.

Every purchase supports an independent woman in business, her local community, and Aceshin's greater goal to create flexible income for women around the world. That's fashion you can feel good about.


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