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About us

Aceshin is a heart-centered brand that seeks to recognize and empower women both professionally and personally. Aceshin™ was created by women, for women. Our products honor the boldest female scientists, designers and revolutionaries, encouraging each of us to find and build our own personal power. From the romantic to the adventurous, the versatility of our ever-expanding line declares that we recognize the inherent worth and boundless potential of our femininity.

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what is aceshin

Aceshin is a direct sales clothing company that helps women create a home-based fashion business selling stylish essentials at affordable prices through live social media events or any type of online parties! Aceshin is a contemporary fashion company, dedicated to empowering women.

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Company story

The company founded in 2008 and sold multiple fashion brands on Amazon platform. We had quality women clothes on and they got great reviews. Having contributed to various E-commerce businesses, Aceshin was familiar with the entrepreneurial lifestyle and wanted to share it with other women In 2017, the brand Aceshin launched to carve out a small niche-----stay at home mom. Aceshin allows people who want to get started in the fashion business to become “stylists of Aceshin” and thus become independent agents for the brand.