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Do you like selling clothes?

Do you want to set up, do home parties, deal with no shows, and haul inventory around?

Do you see yourself doing videos online to promote your business?


Building a home-based business is something you're determined to do. If your dream is to own clothing and fashion business, then this will surely be the perfect opportunity for you. Your day to day activities and the success of your business will be determined by your ability to build relationships, and to ultimately sell.


What is the requirement to be a stylist?

Acesgub is a direct sales clothing company that helps women create a home-based fashion business selling GORGEOUS clothes through live social media events or any type of online parties! Piphany is a contemporary fashion company, dedicated to empowering women.

There is no any entry payment to sell Aceshin clothes, all you need to do is setting up a Facebook group with a minimum group member requirement. if you are running a sales group currently, you are very welcomed to sell Aceshin clothes in your current group.


How to become an Aceshin Stylist?

You could apply from or website or you can apply by choosing a referring stylist who will act as your sponsor or coach. The benefit to your referring stylist is that they’ll qualify for tier commissions they can put towards future sales.


How does it work?

Three steps to be an Aceshin Stylist:  

Step 1: Sign up that you are interested in being a stylist. 

Step 2: Aceshin family will contact you via Facebook or Instagram message.

Step 3: We will assign a sponsor stylist to assist you.

Step 4: As soon as you become an Aceshin stylist, get to selling! you can sell through bless — at in-person pop-up boutiques, through Facebook live, on your own online boutique, and more! you’re the boss—run your business around your lifestyle!




Frequently Asked Questions

> What does it mean to be an Aceshin Stylist?
As an Independent Stylist with Aceshin, you represent our line of apparel. You take control and decide when and where to sell and how much time you want to invest. This allows you to create a business that fits your life.

> How much can I earn& how will I get paid?
You decide! Match your efforts to your desired results. Independent Stylists earn from 25% - 35% commission on personal sales. If you choose to lead other stylists, you can earn up to 15% in coaching commissions. You’ll get paid after your customer's order get shipped within 48hrs

>How much do I need to invest?
It depends on which type of the stylist you would like to choose. As for the "Stylist" title, there is no any initial investment. For the senior stylist and fashion director, you will need to purchase a certain amount of inventory and enjoy more commissions.

> How can I sell?
You can sell in-person, virtually, on-the-go, through social media or however you choose. As a Aceshin stylist, you do you.

 > How many hours do I need to work?
There is no 'need to' at Aceshin– only 'want to.' Based on your schedule and desired income, you decide how much or little time you work your business. Most Independent Stylists have other jobs and work a few hours a week, while others make Aceshin their full-time income. We make ourselves flexible so your life can be, too!

> Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain an Active Stylist?
No. Aceshin does not require any minimums or quotas. 

> How to share the items I like on your website?
Everytime we update new styles, we will email our stylists the new items informaiton which you could share on socila media platform.

What is your return policy?
Customers have the right to apply for a return within 15 days after the receipt of the product. Please refer to the full return and exchange policy on our website.

How to build a successful business?
Building a balanced business requires two: 1. Try some of our styles so you get to know them better, sell the products to customers with your experience. 2. The more options your customers have to choose from, the more likely they are to make multiple purchases and to tell others about your products.


Aceshin Commission Structure

You will be offered the corresponding number of styles, sales tools, materials. Most importantly, you will be offered personal sales commissions as following: 

Depending on your paid as rank during the current month, you have the possibility of earning this team bonus on your Level 1–Level 3:


How to sell Aceshin Clothes?

Marketing Aceshin Online

Facebook Live Sale

Setting up your own Aceshin Facebook page & group, and you can grow your followers through Live Sale, group interaction, etc.

Marketing Aceshin Offline

Offline will likely be your starting point, and as mentioned, you need to be comfortable with personal to personal interaction.


What would you like about Aceshin Clothes?

The quality of the product. It has received good reviews online meaning you as a seller won’t be fighting an uphill battle.

As long as you are an Aceshin stylist, your opinions to our design, material will be valued and you have the opportunity to be involved in our new collection design!

High personal and team sales commissions.

The focus is on retail, not recruiting.

Diversecatalog of clothing that has broad appeal. While there are advantages to being in a small niche market, your overall profit potential is larger with products such as those sold by Aceshin.

Unlike some competitors, you choose what you would like to sell on a regular basis.