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Design your
dream job today


Sell Aceshin products in person and online. Earn 30%-40% commission personally.


Stylists could choose from 20000+ items and make his/her decision.


Aceshin gets stylists and become your team mate.
No inventory, no harassing friends or family.

Aceshin Stylist Program aims to create flexible income for all women by running their own business.  If you can find a few hours a week to get out and share the styles, that's all it takes to do this part-time work from home.
Being a stylist, you will
• Preview our NEW PRE-SALE STYLES on a weekly basis
• Be the first ones to try and get new samples. 
• Create excitement for your audience in your social media group.
• Offer audience with your unique sales promotions and costumed strategies.

Three Steps To Get The Commissions

Step 1

After signing up, it takes us 1 day to process your information.

Stylists choose the display items based on their starter kit. 

Stylists will be provided a login dashboard where they could check all their traffic, including number of visits,  referrals and purchases, etc. Most important, they could see their commissions after purchase.

Step 2

Stylists promotes Aceshin products on social platforms by doing live try-on hauls, sharing the posts, or organizing a trunk show,etc.

Stylists could feel free to ask us sales materials including item details, banners, unique discount code for their audience.

Step 3

After the customer buys the product,stylists will receive commission immediately.

Choose the
Starter Kit that
fits your goals

option 1

Advanced Stylist


30% commission rates for confirmed sales

3 any free samples

Earn $30 for referring a person to be advanced stylist, $60 for senior stylist

Promote to senior stylist by selling 80 pieces within one month

Enjoy 2 level of commissions, 5%,3%

option 2

Senior Stylist


40% commission rates for confirmed sales.

5 any free samples

Earn $30 for referring a person to be advanced stylist, $60 for senior stylist

Enjoy 3 level of commissions, 7.5%,6%,5,5%